A typical developer has multiple account environments for testing and production. We currently have dev, test, and prod environments where I work. Every single 3rd party platform we use, has the same environments setup as well.

Most developers using AWS services would understand the pain of switching between different account. For me, it involved opening an incognito window, pasting in the environments login url, entering my passwords into the password field, and entering my 2FA key.

There has to be an easier way ...

Chrome allows you to create Localised Users Profiles each with there own session data. This allows us to have a browser window instance per user with unique session data.

  1. Click on the user icon in the top right hand corner of your chrome window, and click on the Manage People button.
The user dropdown

2. Add a New Person for each environment you use.

Creating users for each environment allows session data to persist but not be shared.

3. Now you can click on your created people and open up a new chrome window which is unique to each profile.

This was a huge productivity improvement when switching between accounts on a daily basis and has saved a chunk of time signing out, clearing cache and using incognito.